Akira Koyama


PhD Engineering, Professor Emertus, Kobe Design University

Studied the history of Berlin's urban planning under architectural historian S. Ohmi and architect J.P. Kleihues, 1979-81. His research and writings since then have focused on analyses of modern architecture in German-speaking areas. His built works include Okamoto House (Kobe) and Kakuto Tunnel Ventilation Facility (Kumamoto). Other works include a series of virtual computer-driven autogenerating programmed Machines to Make Humans Think (Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto). As founder-owner of Bearlin Press, he published Ryuji Miyamoto's photobook Cardboard Houses and atranslation/commentary of Christian Borngräber Berlin Design Handbook among other works. His interest in the visual and auditory workings of human cognition have led to experiments with daylight-viewing step-motor 3D animation devices Kino Cycles (Kobe 078)